The City Thoughts Foundation wants to stimulate the exchange of artistic concepts and ideas to challenge creative intelligence. It was founded in Amsterdam as a meetingpoint for artists to present work in progress and provoke discussion. Artists books are published occasionally.
Since 2001 the attention was also directed towards the development of new urban concepts, in collaboration with citythoughts architects.

In december 2010 a new space was opened in Antwerp, Pourbusstraat 14: LOCUS SOLUS, to show the project The present is the result of the past. Als non-profit organisatie bemiddelt City Thoughts bij verkopen in Locus Solus tussen de deelnemende kunstenaars en het publiek.

Members of the board are: Franck Gribling (artist); Flip Bool (Director Nederlands Foto Archief); Sjoerd Buisman (artist); Bastiaan Gribling (architect); Jeroen Boomgaard (Lecturer Art and Public space)


City Thoughts Artists Space LOCUS SOLUS,
Pourbus straat 14, Antwerpen, 2000,
A centrally located exhibition space in
the heart of the gallery district, near the
Museum for contemporary art, MHKA.